Thank you for stopping by Sweet Mayberry. I’m Vanessa, a 22 year old Registered Nurse living in Calgary, Alberta.

Here are a few you should know about me & this blog:

I have loved baking for as long as I can remember. Something about all the measuring and mixing can make any bad day better. Of course, the results are generally pretty amazing as well. Slowly, I have gotten more and more into cooking. I live with roommates and mostly cook for myself, so I cater entirely to my own tastes/wants/desires. I especially love making and eating foods that are inspired by a range of cultures, countries, and ethnicities. My love of food is where this blog started, but inevitably, it’s gone in a few different directions.

I love travelling dearly, and I intend to do quite a lot of it in the next few years, so you may see the occasional post about my adventures. I also sometimes write posts about home design, DIY projects, various wish lists, and whatever else I happen to find interesting, really.

I encourage you to comment on posts that you like, use recipes in your own homes or blogs (let me know if you do!), or link to my posts.




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