Lavender London Fog

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t actually know anything about making lattes/cappuccinos/good coffee in general. Is that a weird way to start off? Maybe. I certainly do like to drink them, and I like to think that I can differentiate pretty well between a good drink and a bad one, but I have zero training in making them. I actually have always wanted to be a barrista at a fancy coffee shop. One day I will, I think.


I’ve said it before – my Capresso milk frother is one of my favourite Christmas presents ever. It is literally the easiest thing to use and it helps me convince myself to spend less money at the cafes that are so plentiful and lovely in my area. I can also make drinks that do not totally suck, which makes me quite happy.


I’ve got a weird sort of obsession with lavender. It started about a year and a half ago when I was in Vancouver with my dad and this cafe had a lavender latte on their menu. It got me hooked. I started to  specially request it at my favourite cafes at home (I actually made one run out of the syrup they were using…) and if I am somewhere that has something “lavender” on a menu, I must try it. It’s gotten to the point where my friends specifically point out lavender things to me, or buy them for me if they see them. It’s pretty great.


I feel similarly about Earl Grey Tea. I recently bought an Earl Grey Tea Apple Jelly at a local bakery, and I am in love. I’ve also made Earl Grey Tea cupcakes, and drink plain old Earl Grey Tea almost daily. Yet somehow, the idea of a Lavender London Fog did not occur to me until a barrista recommended it to me a couple weeks ago. I mean, DUH. Why didn’t I think of that?! The two flavours are actually meant for each other, I’m pretty sure. So I made one.


Lavender London Fog

Makes 1. 

1 Earl Grey Tea Bag (or loose leaf)*

1 cup Water, boiled

1/2 cup 2% Milk, frothed

2 tsp Lavender Syrup*

Optional: pinch of Raw Turbinado Sugar

1. Boil water. Place tea into desired mug (preferably a large one).

2. Add milk to frother, or use a hand frother. Froth milk. (Froth is a weird word?) At the end, add in 1 tsp of lavender syrup and froth a little longer to combine.

3. Pour boiled water into mug over tea bag. Allow to steep for 5 minutes. Remove tea bag. Add in 1 tsp of lavender syrup.

4. Slowly, pour frothed milk into mug. Top with turbinado sugar. Serve immediately.

* I love Stash brand Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea

* I used Monin Lavender Syrup

** In the future, I would love to experiment with culinary lavender. I’m not sure if it would work better to mix some in with loose leaf earl grey tea, or to make a homemade syrup and add it, like this recipe at A Beautiful Mess.   I’ll let you know how it turns out!


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