Gingerbread Latte

In the morning, I am a strong, black coffee kinda gal. Later on in the day, however, I am partial to fancy Cappuccinos and Lattes. I don’t love Starbucks. There are so many amazing coffee shops and cafes in the area where I live that I rarely go. However, there is conveniently a Starbucks 10 feet away from a class that I sit in for 6 hours a week. At 8 AM. After I have battled freezing winter on my walk to school. Sometimes, I cave. And you know what? Their Gingerbread Latte is actually delightful.


In case you are wondering – yes. It is still extremely cold in Edmonton, Alberta. I’m slowly accepting that it will be until April.  It happens every year – during the summer, I convince myself that this city is really not so bad. I love the river valley, there are a bunch of festivals, and the farmers markets are amazing, and it is warm (even, dare I say, HOT). November rolls around and I get the urge to start looking at real estate in San Diego. Which I did last week and now I am getting emailed new listings every day and a realtor actually called me and left me a voicemail – that fantasy got out of hand quickly.


If you are like me, and have to consciously force yourself not to buy $5 drinks every time you leave the house due to the fact that it is FREEZING outside, you will appreciate this recipe. Plus, I’m pretty sure I’m saving you like 200 calories or something (too lazy to do that math).


I make some version of this at least once a day (I may have a caffeine problem…) and it is a routine that I am rather fond of. The gingerbread syrup is a delicious addition, but you could also use any other flavored syrups or just have it plain!

Gingerbread Latte

Makes one

1 tbsp fine grind Espresso powder OR 2 oz fresh Espresso

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup 1% milk (non-dairy milk does not work as well)

1/2 oz Gingerbread Flavoured Syrup

1 pinch Apple Pie Spice

1. Prepare your espresso. For mine, I use a stovetop espresso maker, similar to this one from Bialetti. There are certainly fancier ones, but this works great for me! I put water into the bottom piece, add the espresso powder in the centre piece, and heat it on the stove over high heat until the top part is full of espresso. Easy peasy.

2. Boil your water.

3. Prepare your steamed milk. Again, there are many ways of doing this. I got this Capresso milk frother last year for Christmas, and it is amazing and pretty reasonably priced! All you have to do is add milk to the frother and press a button.

4. Pour espresso into mug, followed by the gingerbread syrup, half a cup of boiled water, and the steamed milk.

5. Top with a pinch of apple pie spice. Serve hot!



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